Emu Oil Experience #3

I am an Allergist and have been in private practice for eleven years. Eczema can be one of the most difficult conditions to treat in my practice. There are varying degrees of severity, and these individuals with moderate to severe cases often are aggravated and uncomfortable for years. One problem they face is finding a product that moisturizes their severely dry and thickened skin without causing an exacerbation. I was first introduced to Emu Oil by my daughter's Pediatrician. She recommended it to treat eczema occurring on her face and extremities. She had been using mild steroid creams which were lightening her skin but not controlling the rash, After three days of using Emu Oil, the rashes were nearly gone! She occasionally has outbreaks now, and brief use of the Emu Oil clears the rash.
I have been recommending Emu Oil to my patients for about two months. Eighty per cent of them have noted improvement within a few weeks of use. Most report that their skin is smoother, softer, better moisturized, and less irritated. A few have discontinued their topical steroids,

Overall, I and my patients are pleased with the results. I will continue to recommend this product as a valuable adjunct to traditional therapy for eczema and other thy skin conditions.

D C H, M.D.

Uneet Co. Inc.
275 RT 10 East, Ste 220-405
Succasunna, NJ 07876

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