Emu Oil Experience #2

A few weeks ago at the Salisbury Civic Center in Salisbury, MD, I purchased a small bottle of EMIl oil from you to try on some severe burns my 25-year-old son received the weekend before. He was sifting next to a barbecue grill when someone inadvertently knocked it over on him. His shirt caught fire. As he rolled on the ground trying to put out the fire, he rolled across the grates of the grill causing deeply embedded burns like those of a branding iron on his arm and across his back before someone could pull off his burning shirt.

We gave him the Emu Oil, but he was reluctant to try it for fear of infection, his arm was a mass of open slashes, which he kept covered with burn cream prescribed by his doctor. He agreed to try it on his back where the bums were not as deep but very painful. He was due to return to work last Monday, but the wounds on his arms were breaking open and bleeding and felt like his nerves were still exposed. He returned to work this past Wednesday and began applying Emu Oil to his arm on Thursday because it wasn't quite as messy as the heavy white cream.

We were away this weekend and when we returned home we asked about his burns. He smiled and rubbed arm, All the wounds were healed over, smooth and touchable. He said, "I think I'm a believer in that Emu stuff' and can't wait to share his secret with my other son who is a tattoo artist living in Seattle. He's quite sure a tattoo will heal overnight, or at least in a few days with Emu Oil.

A co-worker's sister suffers from eczema and she would like to try Emu Oil. Please send me ordering information (prices, shipping charges, and the best way to order, etc.). I have your address, but several others here at work have expressed an interest.

Mrs. L. B. M

Uneet Co. Inc.
275 RT 10 East, Ste 220-405
Succasunna, NJ 07876

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