An MD who has Seen Results with Emu Oil

Written by admin on January 21st, 2007

Hi! I just had to share a story with you.

My husband was attacked by a dog and had severe bite and tear lacerations on both arms. He had to have an orthopedic surgeon surgically repair a lot of damage. He has been healing nicely but was still not sure about using the Oil as I had recommended. Well, at his 3 week check up, the Orthopedic surgeon calmly said he would like to recommend something that could really help a lot with the healing and the scarring and inflammation and he hoped he would be open to using it. He said he used to write prescriptions for it but it would be over $100.00 and now you can buy it just about anywhere. You guessed it! It was Emu Oil! I was so surprised and my husband started laughing. The doctor was a little uncertain and asked what we found funny. My husband told him my interest and background as a nutritionist and how I asked him to ask the doctor if it would be Ok to start using it on the wounds since he was reluctant to try it without prior approval from the doctor. Well, we got into quite a discussion and the doctor said he was happy that we were familiar with it and he would even like to set something up like a “sheep dip” to dunk all his patients in. I thought of you and how I needed to share this anecdote from an M.D. who has done his research and has seen the repair and results with the Emu Oil. Needless to say, he is now using the Emu Oil and really lathering it on several times a day.

Dee Monaco, PhD of Jason Enterprises, CA


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