Arthritis Relief

Written by admin on January 1st, 2007

Intensive Pain Relief with emu oil made a hero out of me. A few years ago I was on an overseas ski trip with a group of friends. I overheard a woman in our group complaining about her fingers. She appeared to be suffering some kind of arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome in her hands and fingers, which appeared to look like crows feet. She could hardly close or open them.

Luckily I brought my usual first aid supply of health supplies consisting of Emu Oil, Intensive Pain Relief, and Tea Tree Oil. I dispensed some Intensive Pain Relief into her hotel room glass for her to apply topically onto her hand.

About fifteen minutes later she saw me in the lobby and ran up to me and immediately started to kiss me all over my face with gratitude. Intensive Pain Relief gave her instant relief and more important saved the rest of the ski trip for her.

Later I was surprised to find out that she commandeered the hotel glass for her trip back to the USA. She refused to give up her Intensive Pain Relief with emu oil. Anyway, I can safely say I have a customer for life.



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